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Welcome to our second floor! Our Ambiance department - a store within a store. Upstairs you'll find our kitchen and bath design center, tile and hardwood flooring showroom, Beachcomber hotubs, housewares, and much more! On your next visit, come upstairs and and say hello to our knowledgeable and helpul staff. Click images for larger view.

Kitchen & Bath Design

Ready to renovate your bathroom or kitchen? With help from our professional staff, we can make it fun and easy. Come in and we can help you design it, add cabinets, acessories, and show you what it will look like with are state of the art computer design program. And don't forget our great selection of countertops!

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Prepare Your Kitchen

Budgeting - The cost of your kitchen renovation (including lighting, paint, plumbing, etc)should be calculated as a ratio of the value of your house. Generally, between 6% and 10% of your house's declared value represents a reasonable cost for the purchase and installation of new kitchen cabinets. With this formula, you can recapture an amount varying from 94% to 100% of your investment at resale.

KitchenCraft | Founder's Choice

Plan Your Time

Planning - Preferably, you should begin 2 months before the starting date of the renovations, especially when you consider that manufacturers may require a few weeks to manufacture the cabinets and that you’ll surely need to shop for items like appliances, floor coverings, lights, etc.

Hanstone | Caesarstone | Wilson

Choosing A Style

Deciding - Read decoration magazines to learn about the trends and material types that you would like. Also, visit our showroom to see the materials offered and the different arrangements that are possible. Take time to write down your needs and special requirements, as well as the positive and negative sides of your present kitchen. All this will help our kitchen designer, who will have the basic information needed to guide you through your renovation project.

Arborite | Formica

Tile & Hardwood Floor
In our showroom, your imagination is your only limitation. We carry an extensive line of tile and hardwood flooring. Whether you're a homeowner doing a renovation, contractor, or architect, you'll be sure to find the right flooring to fill your needs. Come speak with one of our professional flooring staff to answer all your questions.

| Ames Brothers |

Hot Tubs & Access.
Hot Tubs

When it comes to hot tubs, there is no better place to shop than with us. Our experts can help you create an entire backyard resort in your own home. Beachcomber is the go-to name in hot tubs.  They continue to raise the bar in product quality, offering consistent improvements and enhancements to their hot tubs.

| Beachcomber Hot Tubs|

Housewares & Access.

For stylish and functional living, you'll find that our housewares are the perfect fit for your home. Shop our affordable selection of housewares, small kitchen appliances and gadgets. While shopping, don't forget to check out our ever changing selection of decorative products for every room in you home. Mirrors, small furniture, and more!

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